Instructions Game of Unspoken Things

If you own the Game Of Unspoken Things (GUT) and would like to play the game, please refer to the instructions below. Take into account that one package of (80) GUT cards gives you the opportunity to play the game with 2 – 8 players. The playing time will vary between 30 and 150 minutes, depending on the amount of players. 


In the video below, Jip explains the main aim of the game, important conditions and how to set up the game.

Round 1

In the video below, Laurens explains what to do in the first round of the game.


Now it is time to get clarity about which topics you’d most like to follow up on. Maike tells you how to vote.

Round 2

Gesa tells you what to do with the formed sub groups in the second round. 

End of the game

At the end of the game, all players take turns in sharing the following:
• What have I taken away from today’s session?
• What would I like to follow up on
It is recommended to schedule a follow-up meeting to reflect on the topics discussed
during the game, potential action points, and changes based on the outcomes of the
 If you have any questions after reading the instructions, please feel free to contact us.