Culture scan

Culture cannot be captured by a survey – it is what happens around you, here and now

We believe that surveys provide very limited insight into work culture. Yet, they are the go-to tool for organizations that want to map and work on their culture. Our Live Culture Scan is an excellent alternative that focuses on what happens in your organization now (rather than measuring ‘after the facts’). The result is not just another report, but a group of colleagues who can now detect cultural patterns and have a common language to talk about and actively shape these patterns together. How?

  • We observe key moments of interactions in your organization
  • We involve everyone to co-create insightful models of the existing cultural patterns
  • Our co-creation approach ensures the necessary support for positive cultural change
  • We provide the tools to translate new insights into actual cultural shifts
You want key issues brought to the table and translated into actionable steps towards positive change? With our Culture Scan, we involve everyone to understand, shape and support a positive work culture.

Culture scan for your research institutes & universities

The culture scan includes:


  • Acquaintance
  • Collection culture impressions
  • Planning proces


  • Observing key moments of interaction
  • Identify patterns through all layers of the organisation


  • Building models of cultural patterns
  • Identifying possible points for intervention


  • Share insights
  • Discuss impact
  • Create interventions if needed

Please do not hesitate if you want more information about our culture scan or about the possibilities to customize it to your needs.